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Greco's New York Pizzeria(Tarzana)

28'' Buffalo Chicken


Grilled Buffalo Chicken and Red Onion drizzled with Blue Cheese dressing.

28" Toppings:-------WHOLE------ ------1st HALF------ ------2nd HALF------
28" Special Topping:Shrimp +$20Steak +$20Soppressata +$14Fresh Mozzarella +$14Goat Cheese +$14Pastrami +$14
Extra Sauces:Ranch-2oz +$0.75Blu Cheese-2oz +$0.75Tapatio-2oz Truffle Hot Sauce-2oz +$1.50Truffle Olive Oil- 2oz +$1.50Mike's Hot Honey-2oz +$3Sweet Chili-2oz +$0.75BBQ-2oz +$0.75Buffalo-2oz +$0.75
Buffalo Chicken No:No Bleu Cheese No Buffalo Chicken No Red Onion
Sub for Vegan Cheese 28":Sub. Vegan Cheese +$6
Sub. Pizza Sauce 28":Sub. Alfredo +$8Sub. Pesto +$8Sub. Pink Vodka Sauce +$8